Trojan Hotel and Taproom Restoration

The Trojan Hotel and Taproom Restoration Fund.

The Trojan Hotel and Taproom has sat vacant for the last 11 years, deteriorating inside due to neglect.  There are many stories to this building, which has been a downtown Troy landmark for over 183 years.

We have committed to bringing it back to life.  Can you imagine seeing people walk in and out of it again, laughing, crying and just having a great time in the taproom or hear music coming from the ballroom? Think of all the political decisions that were made in the taproom, and how many more there could be in the future? 

This building is meant for life.

7 thoughts on “Trojan Hotel and Taproom Restoration

  1. Please use some of the space for a B&B. Troy needs more rooms for tourists. We are looking for rooms in Troy for a THS reunion and have only one choice.

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  4. So very excited about this! My grandparents met here when my grandmother worked in the restaurant and my grandfather’s family owned the building… We had our family reunion here, as well!

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