Trojan Hotel and Taproom Restoration

The Trojan Hotel and Taproom Restoration Fund.

The Trojan Hotel and Taproom has sat vacant for the last 10 years, deteriorating inside due to neglect.  There are many stories to this building, which has been a downtown Troy landmark for over 183 years.

We have committed to bringing it back to life.  Can you imagine seeing people walk in and out of it again, laughing, crying and just having a great time in the taproom or hear music coming from the ballroom? Think of all the political decisions that were made in the taproom, and how many more there could be in the future? 

This building is meant for life. Help us bring this back to an inspiring piece of Troy.

If you would like to donate you can send donation via credit card contact us via email [email protected] if via check send to:
OBriens – PO Box 1, Troy NY 12182 (Include what level rewards go to reward page)

About O’Briens Public House – Taking over Taproom and Mainfloor

We are an Irish American Restaurant and pub offering lunch, dinner, and late night dining options.   Our menu’s focus is Irish and American Seasonal, which we rotate 4 times over the course of the year.  We source local products and ingredients and strive to focus on fresh, local, seasonal flavors.  Our beverage program is made up of hand-crafted cocktails, local craft breweries, Irish Favorites and wines.

We have been in business for close to 2 years now and have reached a point where we need a space to grow along with our business. Our original location in Lansingburgh was sold just recently and we decided to participate in the revitalization of downtown Troy.  

O’Briens Public House will be relocating this fall to the historic Trojan Hotel and Taproom at 43 Third Street. We have purchased this historic building and will no longer be leasing.  We feel this is a much wiser investment and will allow us greater opportunities in the future.  

We loved our last location and were saddened to have to leave it. But we know our Burgh family will follow us, as they have supported us from the first day till the last. Even through our hard time when we lost our home, our community has been so supportive of us. 

In our new location will be gaining 75% more seating, a larger kitchen space, updated heating and air conditioning. We will be located on a main road in an up and coming area of a newly revitalized downtown area.

Renovations began in early July 2013 and we are scheduled for completion this fall. The main floor will house the Bar and Restaurant, the Taproom will be brought back to the Trojan Taproom and will be an extension of O’Briens Public House. There is still the old backbar in the location along with some cool features, such as a water-powered elevator that will be opened up for a presentation piece.

About the Apartments

In 1830, the Rev. WilliamIrvin used the hotel as his residence. We lost our home to a fire in September, and, although we love the burgh, this provided us with an opportunity to live where we work.  Therefore we will be converting the two front apartments into living space for our family.

The Old Hotel

With new people moving to downtown Troy every day, there is a growing need for storage units. We will be addressing that need with affordable storage units located in the rooms of the hotel.

About the space.

We are restoring the 183 year old building and bringing it back to life.  Originally a stable and livery, it has also housed a residence, hotel, taproom, photography unit, boarding rooms.  Having sat vacant the past 10 years, it had become a very large eyesore in our downtown community.

We are keeping with the original character of the building, original exposed brick, woodwork, windows, that make up the interior of the building.  We will be using salvaged materials throughout.  We are completely updating all the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system, thus meshing the old with the new of today’s high efficiency standards, which as you know can get quite expensive.  It would have been easy to start from scratch, but we felt the character and history of this space couldn’t be duplicated.

There are many challenges inherent in this project, primarily in the form of potential delays. Because we have to coordinate many different parties in order to accomplish the renovation (city, contractors, attorneys/admin, financing), there are many different points where delays can and will happen. We have already conquered the first monumental task (the acquisition of the building) which hit many delays along the way; this second phase of the project is likely to face similar challenges. However, as we were able to do in phase 1, we are committed to facing those challenges, rolling with the punches, exercising some creative problem-solving, calling on our network and resources, and continuing on with the project nonetheless.

Reward Levels

7 thoughts on “Trojan Hotel and Taproom Restoration

  1. Please use some of the space for a B&B. Troy needs more rooms for tourists. We are looking for rooms in Troy for a THS reunion and have only one choice.

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  4. So very excited about this! My grandparents met here when my grandmother worked in the restaurant and my grandfather’s family owned the building… We had our family reunion here, as well!

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